David Guetta just won the title of World’s Best DJ 2020 during Amsterdam Dance Event. The godfather of electronic dance music (EDM) started kicking out tracks in the late ’80s. Since then, he hasn’t stopped creating music, collaborating with new aspiring musicians and searching for the next best sound. During the Amsterdam Dance Event, we had the pleasure to talk with David about his favorite chord progressions, the new Future Rave tracks he’s working on and how to use Chordify as a DJ.

Hi David, how are you holding up during these strange times?

I’m doing well, thank you. Of course these are awful times for the music industry, but for…

The nineties are coming back. We see it around all the time, from fashion to the way bands borrow musical styles from old heroes. But what were the nineties like, and what is the source of inspiration like? In this post we’ll refresh our memory of one particular nineties genre, and learn to play like a grunge rock star.

Grunge is one of the biggest American guitar-driven styles in the history of rock. In its beginnings — the late eighties — the genre was only known by a handful of people, but it wouldn’t take long before it hit the…

Producer and DJ Rich Medina came to our home town to give a lecture on the origins of hip hop in club VERA. After his talk we had a chance to speak with Rich in the backstage.

We walked backstage and saw Rich standing there with a cigarette in one hand and a glass of rum, on the rocks, in the other. Medina took his time to answer our questions about favorite chords and crazy backstage moments.

Hi Rich, thanks for meeting with us!

“No problem guys. You actually got lucky. I don’t reply to my Instagram messages that often. So now we’re here, fire away.”

Great! We were wondering what your parents said when you told them you wanted to be a DJ.


Vinyl, tape, CD: relics from a time that was simple, well-arranged, tangible, and dominated by record labels. Since 2008, we celebrate this almost-ancient world with Record Store Day. This year on April 13.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, people picked a musical genre and styled themselves accordingly. Power was divided among a small, select group of rulers. Only they had access to the magical technologies of mechanical reproduction. The knowledge and power to immortalize artists on pieces of vinyl, magnetic tape or plastic discs.

Balance disrupted

These rulers decided who had the right to be a part…

Recently one of the biggest rock bands ever released a movie based on their adventures in the eighties and nineties. “The Dirt” tells the story of Mötley Crüe; the rise and reign of glam rock. This flick got us thinking.

Photo from wikimedia.org

When did this genre start? Did it ever end? And how can you play the guitar like a real glam rocker? Because if your guitar’s fresh-out-the-box and you’re looking for a simple and effective way to play along to your favorite music, Chordify’s the place for you. …

Zuco 103 has been around for twenty years. In 1999, the band was one of the first to make “Brazilectro,” a mixture of funky grooves, jazzy Brazilian influences and a healthy dose of electro. Two decades ago, we thought it was weird. Now, we think it’s genius. We talked about their music with frontwoman Lílian Vieira during Eurosonic.

After an amazing show at our Gado-Gado Party, we stopped Lílian Vieira as she was walking off stage. We asked if she would like to talk about the G major, Zuco 103, and Barry White. “Oh yes, I would!”

What a great show! Thanks for that.

“Thanks. It’s funny…

“Tainted Love,” “Torn,” “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” all tracks that are not written by the artist you first think of when you hear the titles. Great hits whose glory should be attributed to someone else. Welcome back to another exciting episode of “Covert covers.”

In previous blogs, we already revealed some mind-blowing covers. In this part, we will carry on pulling back the curtains on songs that you may think were originals, but aren’t. Get ready, because here are four special sneaky covers.

Sinéad O’Connor — Nothing Compares 2 U — Prince

Sinéad O’Connor scored her biggest hit with “Nothing Compares 2 U” in 1990. It was…

The Irish singer songwriter Luka Bloom is one of the first independent musicians in the music industry who started selling his music online. He released his latest album “Sometimes I Fly (Live in Bremen)” which is an old recording from 2001.

We spoke with Luka Bloom after one of his shows about the new record, the music industry and lessons learned as an independent artist.

Your latest record is just released but it’s recorded in 2001. That’s funny isn’t it?

“For me 2001 was a busy year. I was on tour all the time. So I arrived in Bremen to do a show, the next day was off to Hamburg, the day after I went…

Action heroes who dare to make the crossover from the big screen are doing pretty okay as we saw a few weeks ago. It turns out that the other way around works too. Some of the world’s biggest rock stars and rappers are looking for some hardcore action. Of course, this includes epic tracks that you can jam to.

From country to rap, artists who live a rock ’n’ roll lifestyle are almost like real-life action heroes themselves. Working hard, being bad-ass, always on the road, and people cheer at them everywhere they go. …

Pip Blom recorded her first EP Short Stories about six years ago using a Loog guitar. She can’t read notes or chords, but that certainly didn’t stop her from recording great tracks with her garage bubblegum band.

We talk to the young diva and her band members Darek, Gini, and Tender during Eurosonic. A conversation about making a living with your music, how Pip knows chords without knowing them and what winning the Music Moves Europe Talent Award means for the band.

Congratulations on your prize, guys!

“Thank you! We are very happy with it.”

What does winning a Europe Talent Award mean for Pip Blom as a band?

Pip: “As exciting as it is we don’t really know…

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